Welcome to FitBee. This is the home of my “active wellbeing” philosophy.

We all know that being active and doing exercise is good for us, but did you know studies now show your level of physical activity has more impact on your overall health than your weight?

Did you also know that the biggest benefit most people gain from being active is not physical fitness, but better mental health and wellbeing?

Even if you did know this, how easy do you find it to get active, and make your active lifestyle sustainable? Something you enjoy? And something you love?

If this is something you’re finding challenging and would like some help with, then FitBee has been created to help people exactly like you.


The name “FitBee” comes from the story of the humble bumble bee. According to physics the bumble bee is unable to fly. In terms of aerodynamics and strength to weight, it simply isn’t possible. Fortunately, no-one has told the bumble bee this! The bumble bee believes she can fly, and so she does.

Day to day, flower to flower, the bumble bee soars through the air and defies logic and reason.

The moral of the story? Do not be defined by what others think or “know” is possible.  What do you believe in? What could you believe in? And what might be possible if you did? Every action begins with a thought in the mind. This is the FitBee philosophy.

Interested? Have a flick through the website to find out more.

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