I work with women to help them create an active lifestyle that blends with their hectic lives so that they can enjoy greater wellbeing.

I call this “Active Wellbeing”

We all know that an active lifestyle is a cornerstone of our wellbeing, both physically and mentally, but how can you fit being active into your busy life?

Often we feel like we just don’t have enough time and energy, or we think we shouldn’t start until we’ve lost a bit of weight. Anyway, exercise is just hard work isn’t it? No pain, no gain?

When we get caught up in our own thought processes, and we believe our limiting self-talk, the brain sends the body a signal that it’s not even worth trying. But when we understand these processes, and we learn how to adjust our mindset, we can overcome these challenges to create an active lifestyle we enjoy, and which blends beautifully into our hectic lives.



Curious about Active Wellbeing? If you’d like to understand more about the principles of active wellbeing, either because you’re thinking it might be useful for you, or you’re just a curious passer by, then visit my About page, which explains my background and how the concept was developed.



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“Diane helped me to realise what I love about being active… This has helped me to get out more often just for the fun of it, and not worry about what I’m going to “gain” from it – just enjoy being able to do it.” – Emma

“It made a massive difference to my mindset. Diane helped me to see that little and often is enough, that I am strong and capable, and I need to find my own path to fitness – not compare myself to others!” – Claire

“Diane is a truly lovely person … do get in touch with her. She’s fab!” – Mits

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