Not all exercise is done in Lycra

This week I had a photoshoot done (very glamorous – I know!). I thought that whilst it’s great to have photos on my FitBee website of me taking part in triathlons and running events, it might be nice for people to see what I look like without the Lycra. After all, I’m pretty normal really. So we took a walk around the beautiful Homestead Park in York and got a few shots done. I’m pleased to report it was a much less painful experience than most wedding photo shoots I’ve been involved in (excepting my own which was clearly marvellous …. I digress)

One of my favourite pictures that came out was of me walking down a footpath. It captures for me both the wonderful aspects of being outdoors, with all that greenery around, but also that exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need fancy clothes, equipment and training plans. Those things are great if you enjoy them, but actually just getting outside and moving is enough. In fact,  sometimes, staying inside and moving is enough – but I do love the greenery.

Walking in Homestead Park

Increasingly, studies are finding more evidence to back up what we sort of instinctively know. Being outside, and being in daylight, has amazing positive benefits for our mental health and wellbeing. So if the thought of dressing up in workout gear to go to a class, or the gym, or for a jog, leaves you cold, try this instead. Put on some comfy shoes, a warm coat, and have a little walk outside. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever you feel like. Walk as fast or slow as you like, and see how you feel when you get back.

Walking groups are becoming increasingly popular and easy to access, and walking is a great way to get fit. So if you discover it’s something you like, and you like to walk with others, why not look up a group near you? And best of all…. no Lycra required.

By fitbeecoach

Dr Diane Brown is the creator of FitBee Lifestyle Coaching

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