Spring is just around the corner!

OK, I know it doesn’t look like it right now, but in a couple of months flowers will be blooming, birds will be chirping and many of us will be looking forward to getting outdoors more and even getting a bit more active with friends and family.

Personally I can’t wait. For me daylight is important for my mental health, and whilst I’m managing OK at the moment, I’m really looking forward to getting an extra boost. My plans range from outdoor swimming to running, with maybe some long walks and definitely some gardening thrown in.

I’m aware that I’m in a pretty fortunate position. Not only have I learned how to manage my activity levels, I’ve also learned how to not be put off by the ups and downs of taking care of my wellbeing. However, I only came to be this way following years of experience and a determination to keep driving forward and find a solution.

As a consequence of this drive, I have completed an ironman triathlon, 3 half-ironmans, an ultra-marathon and a whole range of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon events too numerous to list here. I’ve also experienced the incredible power of exercise on my wellbeng, and I’ve seen it in countless others too.

Often in Spring, I’m looking over the horizon to the next big challenge, but now as a Mum in my early 40s, I have chosen to take a new perspective. I have chosen to go after the holy grail … balance!

So this Spring I’m on the look out for family friendly bike trails, adventure parks, and as many parkruns as I can fit in. In between all this I’ll be looking for the best way to serve others with an outlook similar to mine. A keenness to exercise and be active, with a desire to keep a balanced life and involve friends and family too.

My programs are unique in that I focus on your mind more than your body. Even Olympic Champions know that success is 90% in the mind. I intend to share what they know with the masses.

My next program begins Monday 24th February. Pop me a message if you’re interested.

Much love, Diane

By fitbeecoach

Dr Diane Brown is the creator of FitBee Lifestyle Coaching

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