What do Wellbeing and Fitness Have in Common?

Have you noticed that wellbeing is often seen as a gentle approach to life, and fitness as more vigorous?

I think it comes from sport being perceived as the domain of men.

Even with our modern thinking in 2020, such ideas persist in our culture, and not just in the elite sporting world. Amateur sports clubs tend to be mainly male membership. On the flip side, drop in classes for Yoga, Pilates and maybe even a Zumba dance workout are mostly filled by women. Why is that?

Is it because women are not capable of or cannot enjoy tough physical activity? no.

What I find intriguing is why the ideas of wellbeing and fitness have become separated. One for the gentile folk in life, and the other for those who prefer rough and tumble.

I’m fighting back against this attitude. Being physically active is one of the very best things we can do for our wellbeing, and taking care of our wellbeing boosts our motivation to be physically active too. It’s all about putting our own needs first, and feeling good.

In my practice I run programmes, services and clubs that blend being active with women’s wellbeing. As an activity that is both affordable and easily accessible (once we know how), moving our bodies is one of the core foundations of wellbeing.

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Diane Brown

Wellbeing Life Coach & Exercise Psychology Coach

By fitbeecoach

Dr Diane Brown is the creator of FitBee Lifestyle Coaching

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