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Dr Diane Brown


Dr Diane Brown is an Exercise Pyschology Coach who specializes in helping people enhance their relationship to fitness and exercise. Like many others Diane has experienced difficulties with her ability to begin and sustain a healthy, active lifestyle. Despite this she has conquered many personal challenges including Ironman UK in 2011, and the Haworth Hobble Ultramarathon in 2018. Following years riding the fitness roller-coaster her ambitions are now more modest, but no less challenging, in maintaining a consistently active lifestyle and being a good role model for her son.

After many years of climbing the corporate ladder and experiencing the stress that comes with it, and the anti-dote that exercise brings, Diane decided to change direction and re-train as an Exercise Pyschology Coach in 2018. Diane holds qualifications in Triathlon Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sports & Exercise Psychology and is a member of the Association of Coaching.

Diane also holds a Chemistry PhD, which provides her with a solid foundation of analytical thinking and problem solving skills which she brings to her coaching practice.

Diane’s mission is to help people achieve their exercise and fitness goals, and help them learn to enjoy the journey, so that exercise can be a joy in their life, rather than a chore.

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