The reason for the name of FitBee comes from the story of the Bumble Bee. According to physics the bumble bee is unable to fly. In terms of aerodynamics and strength to weight, it simply isn’t possible. Fortunately, no-one has told the bumble bee this. The bumble bee believes he can fly, and so he does. Day to day, flower to flower, the bumble bee soars through the air and defies logic and fact. The moral of the story? Do not be defined by what others think or know is possible.  What do you believe in? Every action taken begins with a thought in the mind. Open your mind to possibilities and fly like a bumble bee!

Dr Diane Brown is the creator of FitBee Lifestyle Coaching. She is a PhD Chemist, Commercial Manager, Coach, Triathlete and Mum. Diane believes in challenging herself and inspiring others. She has struggled with many familiar demands in life which can lead to inactivity: Being overweight, depression, anxiety, mummy-guilt, over working and stress. In every case it was an adjustment in mental attitude which got her moving again. She combines analytical skills and a passion for story telling in her blogs to bring you inspiring stories of how you too can feel the benefits of getting active. She is also enrolled for Coaching qualifications later this year and is excited to be bringing her online coaching to life very soon.