Hello. I’m Dr Diane Brown (PhD) and I’m the creator of FitBee Lifestyle Coaching, based in Yorkshire. I’m a working Mum, with a passion for personal growth and wellbeing. I love to challenge myself and hopefully inspire others to work towards their own personal goals. I’ve personally struggled with many familiar demands in life which can lead to inactivity: being overweight, depression, anxiety, mummy-guilt, over working and stress. In every case it was an adjustment in my mental attitude which got me moving again. It’s not easy but I’ve learned a few techniques along the way that I’d love to share with you.

“FitBee” comes from the story of the Bumble Bee. According to physics the bumble bee is unable to fly! In terms of aerodynamics and strength to weight, it simply isn’t possible. Fortunately, no-one has told the bumble bee this. The bumble bee believes he can fly, and so he does. Day to day, flower to flower, the bumble bee soars through the air and defies logic and fact. The moral of the story? Do not be defined by what others think or know is possible.  What do you believe in? What could you believe in? And what might be possible if you did? Every action begins with a thought in the mind. This is the FitBee philosophy.

I share my thoughts and adventures through my blog, and from Summer 2018 I’ll be offering 1:1 coaching for anyone wanting to build a more active lifestyle. This isn’t your ordinary personal trainer coaching, and I won’t be writing any training plans (you can get loads of them free online!). This is coaching for your mind and soul. To get you into that positive mindset, to get moving,  keep moving and build the active lifestyle you dream about. Fly like a bumble bee!