About Diane

Diane Brown is a Wellbeing Life Coach and Exercise Psychology Coach, dedicated to helping women move forward in their lives. She has blended her learning and experience to create ‘FitBee’, a coaching philosophy which guides women to wellbeing with an active lifestyle as its foundation.

Her, truly unique, approach to fitness and wellbeing provides a safe environment in which to explore a new approach to life. Unlike the results driven focus of personal trainers and fitness instructors, the focus is strongly on mental wellbeing and a healthy mindset, with the physical fitness benefits a welcome side effect. ‘FitBee’ is a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Our minds and bodies, and our personal and work lives, do not exist in isolation from one another. The goal is not to find ‘the best’ kind of exercise, but to find the types of physical activity you can enjoy and sustainably blend into your life.


Diane holds qualifications in workplace coaching, triathlon coaching, wellbeing life coaching and Sports & Exercise Psychology (all professionally accredited), and also has 15 years experience in commerical management, as well as 12 years experience of training for and competing in multi-discipline events.

Diane offers a unique insight into what it takes to be fit, active and well.

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