Active Wellbeing Starter Course

Active Wellbeing Starter Course

The Active Wellbeing Starter Course

Create a simple fitness plan that reduces stress, not adds to it!

In this online course (5 x 30 minute workshops), you will learn how to create your own personal fitness plan, that fits in with your life and the activities you enjoy. Learn where motivation really comes from, how to find time you didn’t know you had and put the fun back into fitness. All for just £27.

Who's Diane Brown?

I’m a qualified wellbeing life coach and exercise psychology coach, and I’ve spent the last 3 years uncovering what helps women get moving and stay motivated. In 2020 I helped over 100 women to create a more active lifestyle through my popular Active Wellbeing Challenge. This course is a distillation of the best bits of that challenge, designed to give you the very best start in beginning and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Problem

Do you find you start fitness routines with good intentions but then life just gets in the way?

Are you concerned about how the restrictions of lockdown will impact the wellbeing of you and your family?

I understand that it can be difficult to keep trying when life has repeatedly knocked us back. We all have those days when we think ‘What’s the point?’ or ‘Can I just hibernate until Spring?’. But what will happen if you don’t take action to manage your health? Our problems don’t just go away by us hiding from them, but a positive decision to stay active and get strong, brings huge benefits to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Solution

Long term success is made by taking small steps. How would it feel if you could learn how to fit fitness into your life without it taking up too much time, and without feeling stressed about it? It would feel easier, and more achievable right?

Put Yourself First

When my son was around two years old, I desperately wanted to get my fitness back, but there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I was working and the family always took priority. Every so often I would set myself some new fitness goals but really struggled with motivation and felt guilty about leaving the house to do something ‘just for me’.

Then I realised something. The wellbeing of my family was dependent on me taking care of myself. Taking time for my fitness goals wasn’t selfish, but a way of caring for myself so that I could care for my family. It made me a nicer person to be around too. At around the same time I also took the pressure off how much I needed to do. Sure in the past I was running 10ks, but if now I could just fit in a 30 minute walk that was fine. I was still getting fresh air and great exercise. I learned how to build up slowly and find opportunities for the family to be active together too. In a short space of time I was back to feeling like my old self, enjoying life more and feeling proud of the example I was setting for my young son.

Get Started With Your Own Journey Today

You can get access to my Active Wellbeing Starter Course for just £27. Each of the five online workshops takes just 30 minutes to complete and you can go at your own pace, so whether it takes you 5 days or 5 weeks you will have access to all the materials you need, to create a plan that works for you.

Why Now?

I'll be honest, you could do this anytime. I plan to keep this course active for at least 6 months, but here’s why I think you should take action now. 2020 has been a pretty rubbish year. There isn’t much of it left and it’s tempting to think you might as well wait for next year to start again – but where has that thinking got you before? We are entering a national lockdown in the darkest time of the year. No one assumes that will be easy. But regular physical activity has been shown to boost our coping mechanisms, reduce stress and support our mental health. This is a positive action you can take today. Don’t wait for 2021 to make changes, start your new journey today, and by Spring next year you’ll be ready and off to a flying start.

What happens if I don’t have time to finish the course?

You will have access for as long as you need to complete the tasks. I’ll also be on hand to answer questions in the dedicated facebook group to help you with any difficulties.

I already have a gym/fitness class membership. Is this suitable for me?

Absolutely, developing your own fitness plan will complement other memberships and classes you have access to. You will learn how to balance your own routine and activities to suit your needs and get more benefit from those classes.

I feel like I need more personal support, will I get any with this course?

Yes, everyone who purchases the Active Wellbeing Starter Course get a 1:1 Guidance Call with me, included in the price. Not only that, but should you choose to continue working with me after the course, the £27 you paid will be deducted from your future booking.

How would it feel to create a simple fitness plan that reduces stress, rather than adding to it, and helps you live an active lifestyle you love?