What We Can Learn From Football

Whether you look at the team or the manager, both have worked hard on what truly matters to them, and believed in themselves enough to reach for their dreams. It’s not plain sailing. Life, and football, has ups and downs. But it’s how we carry ourselves through the bad times, not just the good, that determines our eventual success.

Are personal trainers helpful or just a money making con?

The world of fitness often gets a bad reputation. It started with the expensive gym memberships, where we were seduced by shiny surfaces and trendy cafe spaces, and then once we paid our fees we discovered that we just didn’t feel like turning up every week. Then it moved on to personal trainers with boot-camp army-style tactics, who wanted to ‘push’ us but didn’t seem to have the empathy to realise that we’d used the majority of our willpower just to turn up for the session.

Why I wrote ‘The Little Book of Active Wellbeing’

I felt sick, and I didn’t want to move at all. Mid-pregnancy, I felt like I could exercise again, but at the same time, I was an anxious first-time mum. Which exercises was I ‘allowed’ to do? Was it safe? Should I be more careful, seeing as though I’d had three months off? Confusion led to inaction, and then my baby was here.

The Balancing Act of Life

As women we often face a balancing act between work, our family, and taking care of ourselves. In this balancing act, it’s usually taking care of ourselves that comes in a distant third place. We know we need to work, because that’s how we earn money to live. And then we use all the rest…… Continue reading The Balancing Act of Life