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So, you want to enjoy the fabulous wellbeing benefits that come with an active lifestyle, but it seems so difficult.

How on earth are you going to have time to exercise on top of everything else that’s going on? Even if you could find the time, it can feel so difficult to get motivated, how would you even get started?

You need the help of someone who has been there. Someone who not only understands the challenges you face but has also lived through them. Someone who really wants to help, and has gathered the latest professional skills and knowledge to offer to the very best support and guidance. That person is me!

We can work together on creating an active lifestyle that fits with your busy life so that you can enjoy greater wellbeing.

I’ll guide and support you through the changes you want to make. Coaching is done through conversation. It involves asking questions to understand your circumstances, your thought process, and possible routes forwards. I can deliver my sessions either online (through a phone or video link) or at my private consultation room in York (Mondays only). You get to choose which. There is no better or worse – just what’s right for you. 

You can choose either a simple one hour session or, for maximum impact, the full 12 week program. If you’d like to chat about the options or just learn more, then send me your details and I’ll arrange a chat.

Personal Exercise Consultation

Online or In person – 1 hour session – £70

This 1 hour session can be used to work through whatever your main exercise challenge is right now.

Want to increase your exercise in a way that boosts your motivation and helps you stick with it? I will use the principles of Exercise Psychology and Wellbeing Life Coaching to help you understand what’s really driving your behavior and how you can embrace that to enjoy being more active.

Struggling with lack of time or energy? We’ll take a deep dive into the relationship between physical activity and wellbeing to identify a balance that works for you and supports your busy life.

Whatever your goal or challenge, a personal exercise consultation will help you gain new perspective and find a way forward, leaving you feeling more confident about your ability to make the changes that are right for you.

Active Lifestyle – 12 week program

Online or In person – 9 x 1 hour sessions – weekly regular support – £630

Making a change to your lifestyle can be challenging, but research has shown that having a personal coach to support and guide you can have enormous benefits and increases your chances of success.

This 12 week program has been developed, by me, specifically to meet the needs of middle-aged women (40-65) who wish to increase their activity levels and enjoy greater wellbeing. I will support and guide you in creating an active lifestyle that fits your life.

During the program, as your activity levels increase, you will notice not only an improvement in your fitness but also a shift in your mindset. This will build a foundation for your motivation and confidence around exercise, as you begin to appreciate more how your body works and what you can achieve.

In any lifestyle change it’s normal to experience some setbacks. I will be available both in our formal sessions but also in between sessions. This will give you access to support when you need it, to keep you moving forward.

The program has been developed by blending the evidence based strategies of Exercise Psychology with the supportive and empowering methods of Wellbeing Life Coaching. This is a new approach, unique to FitBee. The main aim is to arm you with tools, knowledge and self-understanding which will equip you to live an enjoyable active life long after the program is complete.


Sessions are held either online or in my private consultation room in York City Centre (Mondays only). Please complete the form below to either book a 1 hour session, or to discuss the 12 week program.

To make a booking, please provide your contact details below.


You can also message me through my facebook page, or e-mail me at

Payments are due at least 48 hours before the first session takes place. 


How is this different to other fitness plans or personal trainers?

Active Wellbeing is a holistic approach to getting fit and creating a healthy active lifestyle. I don’t tell you what to do and I don’t prescribe specific training plans. I offer guidance and knowledge and enable you to choose the right approach for you.

What qualifications do you have to provide this service?

I’m a qualified Workplace coach (NVQ Level 3), and Wellbeing Life Coach. I’m also a BTF Level 2 Triathlon Coach. I recently completed my PostGrad Cert in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

What is online coaching?

Coaching is a process of providing guidance and support to a person who is trying to achieve a particular goal or overcome a problem. Normally the process involves asking questions to understand the circumstances, the individuals thought process, and possible route forwards. It may also include some mentoring if the coach has experience of similar problems. Online coaching simply means that the discussion takes place online, usually via a video link, although calls can also be done by phone.

How much will I have to pay upfront?

The program must be paid for in full at least 48 hours before the program starts. If there are more than 3 weeks between booking and the start of your program, then your place can be held for a deposit of £70. If you decide after the first session that the program is unsuitable, you may cancel the remainder of the program for a refund. Regrettably the £70 deposit is non-refundable. To avoid this situation, if you’re not sure if the program is right for you, let me know and we can have a chat so you can find out more.


I know that right now, this may seem a lot to take in. You like the idea of enjoying greater wellbeing but fitting in exercise seems such a challenge. Remember, I can help you blend exercise into your life so that you can enjoy greater wellbeing. Whether this is your first attempt at getting more active or your one hundredth attempt, I can help you overcome barriers that have stood in your way. I will work to empower you to discover what works for you, meaning that you will feel in control of the changes you are making and can feel confident and ready to enjoy your new active lifestyle.

Ready to take the first step? Contact me now. Let’s have a chat and get you started on the path to Active Wellbeing.