1-1 Online Coaching


So, you want to enjoy an active lifestyle, but it seems so difficult.

You need the help of someone who has been there. Someone who not only understands the challenges you face but has also lived through them. Someone who really wants to help, and has gathered the latest professional skills and knowledge to offer to the very best support and guidance. That person is me!

We can work together on creating an active lifestyle that’s both enjoyable and sustainable.

I will guide and support you through the changes you want to make. Coaching is done through conversation. It involves asking questions to understand your circumstances, your thought process, and possible routes forwards. I deliver my sessions online (through a phone or video link) making it easier to fit into your day.

Level 1

Getting Started!

This level is suitable for beginners or those returning to exercise after some time away. Initially based on an 8 week programme, with the option to extend to 12 weeks, you will receive fortnightly online coaching sessions (45 mins) with What’s App support in between. You can follow your own training programme or I can help you to develop one if needed. Any training programme we develop will be tailored to your own goals.

8 weeks: £250 (Optional extension +£100)

Level 2


This level is suitable for those who are accustomed to regular exercise but would like to up their game or tackle an issue which holds them back. It can also be used by those wishing to progress from Level 1.

You will receive a monthly coaching call of up to one hour, with What’s App support in between. Sessions are tailored to support your goals.

This level is intended for a minimum of 3 months, but payment is monthly and can be cancelled at anytime, so you are not tied in.

Per month: £50 (3 months minimum recommended)

Level 3

Advanced/Pay As You Go

Level 3 is intended to be used by regular exercisers and recreational athletes who are well established in their fitness routine but would like to consult on a particular aspect of sports or exercise pyschology. This could include a wide range of issues too numerous to list here, but common topics are motivation, dealing with injury, and event nerves.

If you are considering a pay as you go session please contact me in advance with your intended discussion topic, so I may advise if I can offer appropriate help.

Per one hour session: £65

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