Find What Feels Good

Next group program starts 16th July 2020

Join me for this 12 week ONLINE program which will help you create a more active lifestyle, discover what sparks your motivation, and set you on the path to greater fitness and wellbeing.

Who is it for?

Aimed at those new to exercise or returning to exercise after a break, this programme is designed to help women who want to –

  1. Create a positive experience of exercise and what your body is capable of.
  2. Learn to enjoy what you CAN do rather than worrying about what you can’t.
  3. Make exercise a regular part of life.
  4. Feel part of a supportive community who will encourage you and celebrate your journey.
  5. Overcome the practical life issues which may have got in your way in the past.

How does it work?

Here are some details of how the group program is organised:

  • Maximum of 6 participants – to create a small, supportive, community
  • Total program length 12 weeks – to give you time to adapt to your new exercise routine, and establish some new habits
  • 7 x 60 minute group coaching sessions – to help you “Find What Feels Good” and develop your own personal fitness plan.
  • Group sessions takes place ONLINE via Zoom on Thursdays, fortnightly, at 7pm
  • There is no activity during the sessions. This is a mindset and lifestyle coaching approach.
  • Normally priced at £360, I am offering this programme for £200 as my way of making wellbeing support more accessible during lockdown.

What my clients say…

Thank you to Diane for guiding me through her recent 10 week programme Find What Feels Good 2020. Diane’s approach is gentle, non judgemental and supportive. You make your own choices and do what feels right for you on any given day. There is no coersion and you will feel proud of any achievement however big or small.
During these tricky times exercise of any description is so important and so even to get out in to your garden can be so beneficial to our mental welfare. Diane’s gentle questioning and guidance allows you to feel comfortable taking even the smallest steps and then she has a way of making you feel so proud of your achievements along with the other members of the program offering a life line of accountability .

Nicola – Find What Feels Good – March 2020

I’ve just completed the Find What Feels Good course with Diane, and it has been excellent. I went from someone ‘who doesn’t exercise’ to someone ‘who is becoming active, and enjoying it!’  The course came at just the right time for me, so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, stop procrastinating and get on with it! Diane is lovely, helpful, encouraging and sympathetic. I never felt judged or put down by my experience, in fact quite the opposite.

Lauri – Find What Feels Good – March 2020