How to Get Active and Feel Good without Unwanted Pressure

Too often, the pressures of trying to stay healthy, eat well and be fit and active can lead to more stress being added to our lives, when what we really want is to enjoy life.

The pressures we place on ourselves can lead to All or Nothing cycles: of being really focused on our fitness routines at one extreme and laid up on the couch with a bag of crisps at the other.

The Solution

I would like to introduce you to ‘Active Wellbeing’. A concept of balancing our fitness goals holistically with our mental wellbeing.

This approach removes the pressures of getting fit the ‘proper’ way and teaches us to appreciate our bodies and the wonderful things they are capable of. Everybody is unique, and everybody has an Active Wellbeing path which fits them.

An active lifestyle can be transformational, not only to our health but to other areas of life too.

Who is it for?

Active Wellbeing is for anyone who wants to create an active and healthy lifestyle, without the pressures and expectations we so often place on ourselves. Specific groups who will find it most beneficial are:

  • Mums returning to exercise after a break
  • Women in mid-life plus who desire an active and healthy later life
  • Busy career women struggling to put themselves first
  • Recent retirees looking for gentle ways to stay fit and healthy
  • Women who are new to exercise and would like some support with getting started

The Programme

My 12 week transformation programme is designed to guide and support you through the lifestyle changes you want to make. It’s open to all women, of all ages and abilities.

In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Create more fun in your fitness routine – so that you feel more motivated
  • Find space in your life for being active – so that you feel less stressed about ‘fitting it in’
  • Recognise your strengths and abilities – so that you feel more confident to try new activities
  • Deal with setbacks – so that you can quickly recover from being knocked off track
  • Set goals that motivate you – so you feel excited about the possibilities

The Investment

For this programme you will be getting the dedicated service of a professional Exercise Psychology Coach (me) and an experienced Wellbeing Life Coach (also me). On top of this I am qualified to Level 2 in Triathlon Coaching with the British Triathlon Federation, giving me additional knowledge in the fields of swimming, cycling and run training.

You will have access to my support every week for 12 weeks as part of a bespoke Lifestyle Change Programme, developed by me and validated by staff at Leeds-Beckett Carnegie School of Sport. In addition you will also have the benefit of community support through our private, closed, facebook group.

The full price for this amazing package is £720.

The early bird price (for challenge members only) for those signing up by Sunday 23rd August is £360.

I would not normally offer such a large reduction but I have balanced my pricing with the knowledge we are in difficult times. My goal is to support as many women as I can through this difficult period, so I hope the lower price makes it more accessible. For this intake I have just 10 spaces available, so grab them before they are gone.

How the Active Wellbeing Programme Works

You will join a small group of like minded women (5 max.) for a twelve week transformational journey, which will change the way you think about exercise and help you create an active lifestyle that you enjoy.

Each week we will come together for a one hour coaching call (via Zoom), which is part taught, part self-reflection and where you will be coached through any issues or challenges you face in that particular week.

In between the group coaching sessions you will begin to gradually increase your physical activity, at a pace of your choosing, with the activities you enjoy or want to try. Through the programme you will grow in confidence in your abilities as you discover (or rediscover) the fun side of fitness.

Coaching sessions may vary dependent on the needs of the group, but to give you an idea, here are some of the themes typically covered:

  • Motivation for Movement
  • Finding Fun
  • Gaining Confidence
  • Trusting your Resilience
  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Goal Setting for Success

What my clients say…

Thank you to Diane for guiding me through her recent 10 week programme. Diane’s approach is gentle, non judgemental and supportive. You make your own choices and do what feels right for you on any given day. There is no coersion and you will feel proud of any achievement however big or small. Diane’s gentle questioning and guidance allows you to feel comfortable taking even the smallest steps and then she has a way of making you feel so proud of your achievements along with the other members of the program offering a life line of accountability .

Nicola – Find What Feels Good – March 2020

I’ve just completed the course with Diane, and it has been excellent. I went from someone ‘who doesn’t exercise’ to someone ‘who is becoming active, and enjoying it!’  The course came at just the right time for me, so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, stop procrastinating and get on with it! Diane is lovely, helpful, encouraging and sympathetic. I never felt judged or put down by my experience, in fact quite the opposite.

Lauri – Find What Feels Good – March 2020