You’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find what you need or you’d just like to arrange a 20 minute guidance call, then pop your details on the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you don’t like filling in online forms you can also contact me via the FitBee Facebook page, or by e-mail at:



How is this different to other fitness plans or personal trainers?

Active Wellbeing is a holistic approach to getting fit and creating a healthy active lifestyle. I don’t tell you what to do and I don’t prescribe specific training plans. I offer guidance and knowledge and enable you to choose the right approach for you.

What qualifications do you have to provide this service?

I’m a qualified workplace coach (NVQ Level 3), and Wellbeing Life Coach. I’m also a BTF Level 2 Triathlon Coach. I am currently studying for my PostGrad Cert in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

What is online coaching?

Coaching is a process of providing guidance and support to a person who is trying to achieve a particular goal or overcome a problem. Normally the process involves asking questions to understand the circumstances, the individuals thought process, and possible route forwards. It may also include some mentoring if the coach has experience of similar problems. Online coaching simply means that the discussion takes place online, usually via a video link, although calls can also be done by phone.

How much will I have to pay upfront?

All pricing details are available on the Work with Me page. The programmes must be paid for in full at least 48 hours before the programme starts. If there are more than 3 weeks between booking and the start of your programme, then your place can be held for a deposit of £50. If you decide after the first session that the programme is unsuitable, you may cancel the remainder of the programme for a refund. Regrettably the £50 deposit is non-refundable. To avoid this situation, if you’re not sure which programme is best for you, let me know and we can have a chat to see what’s most suitable. You can arrange a guidance call using the form at the top of this page.