Feel Better in 21 Days

For when you just need to re-set and rebalance.

This fabulous programme will help you feel better in just 21 days. Full of practical and simple activities that you can do at home to boost your mood and restore your wellbeing. Read on to find out more …

A Wellbeing Experience at Home

Traditionally, spa days and retreats have provided our wellbeing fix, but there is something really powerful about practicing wellbeing at home. It challenges us but it also helps us learn how to integrate self-care more into our daily routine. 

We often imagine that we need to do something really dramatic or really difficult to improve our health and wellbeing, but imagine how you would feel if you spent just 21 days focusing on looking after yourself. Then, imagine if this were possible from the comfort of your own home, within the pattern of your daily life.

In this new ‘Wellbeing at Home’ experience, you will explore 7 foundations of wellbeing using simple and practical methods. You will be expertly guided through a wellbeing taster menu, sampling 3 full days of each foundation, and discovering which you love the most.

The programme includes:

  • Introduction and welcome on the Saturday morning, to get you started.
  • A new wellbeing challenge or activity every 3 days for 21 days, presented via facebook live, video and e-mail. You choose how you wish to engage, and you can catch up with recordings at any time.
  • Regular support and feedback in the Private Facebook Group.
  • Optional Group Coaching call on Day 10, for more support, or going deeper.
  • End of programme Celebration Party, Reflections and Action Planning.

The full price for this programme is £90 per person, reduced to £75 for as long as Coronavirus restrictions continue. This is my way of supporting womens’ wellbeing at this difficult time.

The other cost is your time. It is your choice how much time you wish to spend on each of the 7 challenges and activities. One hour per day would be wonderful, 30 minutes a day would be great, and even 10 minutes a day will help make a difference, especially if it’s 10 minutes more than you have now.

There are just 12 places available on the programme, to ensure I can give everyone quality support, so if you want to guarantee your place, you need to book quickly.

Ready to put yourself first?

Please e-mail me at diane@fitbee.co.uk to find out when the next programme is running.