Well I think differently.

The Power of The Mind

I believe that mindset is the most important part of establishing an active lifestyle. Everytime we engage in physical activity it is preceeded by a decision in the mind to do so. If we do it often enough that decision becomes easier and easier.

When you get caught up in negative thought processes, your brain sends the body a signal that it’s not even worth trying. But I can help you understand these processes, and learn how to adjust your mindset. With my support you can overcome your challenges to create an active lifestyle which blends beautifully into into life.

I am trained in Sport & Exercise Psychology, Wellbeing Life Coaching, and Triathlon Coaching, which means that I can offer you a professional service to help you create an active lifestyle and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with it.

Diane helped me to realise what I love about being active… This has helped me to get out more often just for the fun of it, and not worry about what I’m going to “gain” from it – just enjoy being able to do it.


Perhaps you’ve made a good start with being active but you feel like you’re in stop-start mode, or lacking the consistency to really feel the benefit.

I can work with you to identify what may be holding you back and help you identify ways to make sticking to your plans easier.

Book me for a free online coffee and chat, to find out how I may be able to help, with no obligation to book.

It made a massive difference to my mindset. Diane helped me to see that little and often is enough, that I am strong and capable, and I need to find my own path to fitness – not compare myself to others!